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There will always be a puppy who would not excel in the ring that will welcome being part of a loving household. Possibly competing in fields equally as enjoyable such as lure coursing, obedience and agility. Then there are the basics every Ridgeback works to master, such as hiking, squirrel or rabbit chasing, counter-surfing, and of course, the art of a successful couch potato.

Regardless of which kind of home yours may be, you can be confident that as a Courage puppy owner, you have my years of experience to call on. Courage puppy people most often become trusted friends of the Courage family.

Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks SAMPLE Purchase Contract

Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks Date: __________

Tempe, AZ 85283-3020

Sire: International & American CH (Current Litter Dad)


Dam: CH (Current litter Mom)

I, ________________________________________, the first co-owner(s), hereby agree to purchase the ___________ Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR) from Jane Gentzen of Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks for the price of $_______. The dog is wheaten in color, has a black nose.


Total ownership cost…………………………………………….................... $ ____

Non refundable Deposit.(at breeders discretion) Check #…… < $ 200.00>

Balance due…………………………………………………………...........................$ ____

I/we, the owner(s), take delivery of this dog knowing the following:

He was whelped at _______________ on ______________, during a normal whelp. Of the __________puppies whelped, all were born alive. Dr. Cathy Turner, DVM, examined the puppies and removed dewclaws on _____________.

The veterinarian ____________ examined the stool samples; twice. The second time was on ___________________. No evidence of parasites or cocidia was found. Additionally each puppy was given a thorough examination: checking heart, eyes, bite, palate, tail, and giving attention to stomach and intestines. All male puppies were checked for testicles. All male puppies were found to have both testicles dropped. Both the Vet and the breeder found no Dermoid Sinus in any puppy after examination. The entire litter was given 5-way vaccination on _______________and a Neo Par vaccine at 4 weeks of age on ______________________.

It is prudent and recommended to administer a 5-way DHLPP vaccination every 3 weeks through the 16th week of age. A rabies vaccination is recommended between 4-6 months of age. During the first 6 months a vaccination for kennel cough is also recommended if the puppy is to interact with other dogs.

The puppy has been on a diet of mother’s milk and fresh goat milk through the 7th week. At four weeks of age, Avo-Derm dog food, Chicken and Rice, adult formula was introduced. These pups have been feed 2 – 3 times a day. It is recommended that the puppy receive three feedings a day until three to four months of age.


Jane Gentzen implanted a microchip on ________________.

The microchip, number is: _______________

The owner(s) are responsible for completing and mailing the enrollment form (including a $12.50 enrollment fee) to the AKC. Jane M. Gentzen will be listed as the alternate contact in case the dog is ever lost and the owner(s) cannot be contacted. If this dog is lost or stolen, the owner(s) are to contact Jane M. Gentzen as soon as the loss is discovered. If returned to Jane, the owner(s) will be responsible for costs relating to returning the RR to them. If returned to Jane, Jane will not place this RR in a new home unless the owner(s) cannot be contacted within one month. Boarding fees may be charged to the owner(s) after one week, but not at a rate to exceed $10 per day.


Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks guarantee__________ is the father of this pup has had the following health screenings and health certifications:

Date of Birth and Age:

AKC Registration #: _________

DNA Profile # __________and OFA’s # _________

Penn Hip Evaluation Report # ___________

Left DI:____ DJD: None Cavitation: None

Right DI: ____ DJD: None Cavitation: None

OFA Certifications & #’s: Results

Hip:_____________ Elbow: RR-___________

Eye: ______________ No Inherited eye disease found

Thyroid: ___________________

Cardiac: ___________________ Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy: ______________ N/N Normal (non-carrier)

Brucella Canis: Negative

Also, the mother (dam) also has an OFA _______ rating on her hips and elbows clear.

If this dog is not able to obtain an acceptable Penn hip evaluation or OFA before 30 months

(due to poor structure, not due to injury) upon reading Penn Hip registry or OFA, then Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks will replace this dog with another pet potential pup out of a future litter. IF the buyer chooses to keep him as a part of their house and family, then Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks will give a credit of one quarter the purchase price of this dog toward a future purchase. If Jane does not produce a litter within a 7 year period, the buyer can then choose to wait for future litter or receive that amount from Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks in cash.

Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks and further guarantees the temperament to be in accordance with the published standard of this breed. I realize this guarantee will not be honored if the dog has been mis-treated, mentally or physically. Also, if Cathy Turner missed finding a dermoid (and that would be a first) and if a vet finds one after the buyer takes delivery, Jane agrees to pay for the surgery to remove the dermoid sinus using her veterinarian or a veterinarian of her choice. If the buyer uses a veterinarian without contacting Jane and getting approval from Jane first, Jane will not be responsible for surgical costs. Additionally, if a Dermoid Sinus is found, Jane Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks will either credit $200 toward another RR purchase or exchange the dog of similar type from another future Courage litter.

Conditions and Expectations:

This dog is sold as pet quality. We agree to register this dog with AKC and put the word “Courage” at the front of his name. He will have restricted papers and this means he will not be eligible to show in conformation classes.

I/We agree not to allow this dog the opportunity to breed to non-AKC registered Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I agree to abide by RRCUS code of ethics. If I use this male RR and participate in puppy mill practices, Jane Gentzen has the right to repossess this dog without any recourse on my part.

If for any reason this dog cannot be a part of the owner(s) life, due to circumstances unknown at this time, the owner(s) must return the dog to Jane Gentzen. If the owner(s) decide to surrender ownership of this dog it is there responsibility to deliver the dog to the breeders. If the owner turns this dog into any Rhodesian Rescue, public pound or Humane Society, or any other like organization, the owners are subject to lawsuit for damages for the breeder’s costs of recovery and time to retrieve the dog from that organization.

Jane Gentzen is a member in good standing of RRCUS (continuous membership since 1989). Additionally, Jane M. Gentzen / Courage Rhodesian Ridgebacks is a registered RRCUS breeder. Jane Gentzen intends to remain a registered RRCUS breeder until passing away. As a RRCUS member and breeder, Jane adheres to the RRCUS code of ethics with the foremost aim to uphold the welfare and improvement of the Breed. Jane Gentzen has an “open ear” policy. If the owner(s) have ANY questions or concerns regarding the dog, the owner(s) are encouraged to contact Jane Gentzen. Jane Gentzen is eager to help answer questions and resolve concerns to the best of her knowledge. Jane Gentzen can be reached by mail at the above address, by telephone:

CELL: 480-235-4762 (cell), by email at, or by internet at

This contract will pass with its terms and will be honored by any party purchasing or sharing ownership of this puppy.

Owner(s): ___________________________ Seller(s):___________________________


Address: ___________________________


Phone: ___________________________home & Cell please _________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________