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Pet or Show

Many people want the best Ridgeback in the litter. But because there is careful planning in the breeding process, many litters have multiple show potential puppies. All the puppies have health and temperment tested parents. Therefore the difference between a “pet” and a “show” Courage Ridgeback is how the contract is written and whether your Ridgeback companion will ever attend a conformation show or be one to carry on the Courage line and produce get. Thus a “pet” contract requires the puppy to be spayed or neutered. This classification/term “pet” refers to future breeding of the Ridgeback and potential for any particular dog to become a Champion. A “pet” contract often is a show quality Courage Ridgeback that is in a home where showing and breeding has been agreed to not be this Ridgeback's priority. Pet quality dogs status can be changed if the breeder and the owner agree. This must be assessed and done before the doge or bitch is altered.

Show Ridgebacks are commonly owned by co-owners, one being the breeder. Co-ownership allows the best of our litters to go into pet homes yet still contribute to producing and maintaining quality Ridgebacks. Our co-ownership contracts are all individually drafted with the needs desires and goals of both parties being discussed and agreed upon. This allows each of our puppy people the opportunity to enjoy whatever level of participation they desire. From being mentored and taught how to enjoy success in the ring or field, or watching as a spectator as their pup enjoys “grandma time” with me. On occasions this involves traveling to local and away shows that also furthers their training and social skills. These kind of agreements allow us to place the very best of our puppies in private homes where they can enjoy the best of both worlds.